Meet The Webmistresses!

You already know three of us: Julia Cat of Julia-Cat's ReBoot Corner, Mayhem from ReBoot Mayhem, and Slack from Slack & Hash's Domain. They will be managing the various sections of this site. Overseeing it all will be Honywumpus.

iconJulia Cat, otherwise known as fan fiction goddess extraordinaire, is the creator of the former Julia Cat's ReBoot Corner and supporters of Phong lovers everywhere. She has been a member of the ReBoot fandom ever since 1997, advocating ReBoot love wherever she goes. Julia likes cocoa and the colour red.

iconMayhem Mayhem, often seen staring at her computer screen for hours and hours (and even days) on end, is the creator of the former ReBoot Mayhem as well as a number of other websites she spends her spare time fluffing over. Living on the opposite side of the world to most Booters hasn't stopped her from being a long-standing member of the ReBoot community. Mayhem enjoys riding the waves (on the net that is) and loves to be blown into tiny pieces whilst playing Team Arena against other booters.

iconSlack, also known as Kim McFarland, is the perpetrator of The Negapage and the erstwhile Slack & Hash's Domain. She has been active in fan fiction and fan art communities ever since she graduated from college in 1990, which means she is now old enough to know better, yet old enough not to care.

iconHonywumpus is best known for DAFT, the fan fiction and fan art mailing list she managed for eight years. She's been on hiatus for almost two years, and is ready to roll up her sleeves and get back to work. So, here she is!