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This is my ode to bento lunches. Well, inasmuch as it's possible to have an ode without music or singing or poetry or any of that kinda stuff. But I have recipes, which are a lot more relevant and what you came here to see, right?

Bento lunches are fun. Anyone can stick some leftover spaghetti & ragu in a Tupperware container. But when you have a cool little box with a variety of different things all nice and neat, well, that's a whole lot niftier. Not to mention that it's likely to be a more balanced meal, and best of all you can still make it out of leftovers and other stuff you already have in your fridge.

Now, I'm not a fantastic cook. Fact is, I never learned jack about cooking while I was growing up, and everything I make I figured out myself. Which means that if I can make this stuff, anyone can! All instructions will be in the simplest "cooking for dummies" language - in other words, how I would explain them to anyone else, not assuming they have much prior knowledge.

This page is a work in progress. As I try new things I'll post 'em here. I hope to build up a fairly large menu. If you have suggestions, drop me a line!

All content on this site is copyright Kim McFarland. I've drawn on sources from all over for recipes, but what I post here is what I've learned from them, not anything I've directly copied. Of course, you're welcome to save or print this stuff out for your own personal use.