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Lunch Box 641: The other jerky meat


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Today I have a meatloaf cupcake (with a little container of ketchup on the side), steamed snow peas and steamed purple sweet potato. I normally bake - well, microwave - sweet potatoes, but the purple ones I've gotten lately were small and rather dry, so I tried slicing them into half-inch-thick "coins" and throwing them into the steamer. The result: the color is not as bright, but they came out moist and very sweet! I'll remember this trick. Anyway, I also have blood orange segments, some mango, and several pieces of sasquatch jerky.

I like beef jerky, but I haven't packed it in my lunches because, well, something you gnaw on isn't very bento-istic, is it? But when the folks at asked me if I'd try a sample of their new sasquatch jerky, I couldn't resist. (Don't worry, Sasquatch are no longer on the Threatened Species list, and they use only free range sasquatches.) It's surprisingly tender - somehow I had expected it to be tough - and it tastes nothing like chicken.

Edit: This was originally posted on April Fool's Day, 2009. 'Nuff said!

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