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Lunch Box 647: Polyglot lunch


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Sushi & shortbread Some months ago my coworker Maria brought a bunch of mantecados - Spanish cookies - back from her visit to her hometown. They were delicious and shortbready and almondy and lemony and created an amazing amount of crumbs. I vowed to try to make them myself. I wasn't happy with the recipes I found on the web; most left out the lemon and almonds, and the one I tried was messed up, the proportions wrong, so I ended up with a swamp on a cookie sheet. After that I backward-engineered it based on Scotch shortbread, and Maria gave it a thumbs-up, so I packed it in my bento and posted the recipe to my site so everyone can make some. It's really easy - if you can chop nuts and zest a lemon you're good to go.

So! Here we have free-form maki - which is sushi with whatever I have handy, in this case shiitake, cucumber, crab stick, and smoked salmon - stir-fried vegetables, light-fried plantains, and mantecados.

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