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Bento Recipes: Stir-fried vegetables


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This is another of my recipeless recipes. Vegetables are easy to stir-fry, and you can use whatever you have on hand. Here's the basic directions:

Cut up the vegetables into whatever size you want. Slice "hard" vegetables like carrots and broccoli reasonably thin, otherwise they may not cook through.

Heat up a little canola oil, or whatever you like to stir-fry with, in a deep pan or wok. Put the harder vegetables in first, and cook them hot, stir-frying them to keep them from getting burned. When those are starting to soften, turn down the heat a touch and add the "softer" vegetables, like squash and mushrooms. Add a little more oil if you must, and stir-fry everything until the new vegetables start to get tender. When they're done, so are you.

The vegetables I like to use in this recipe is pretty similar to the stuff I like to steam. Yellow & zucchini squash, zucchini peel (not kidding; try it!), white mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms, broccoli, broccoli stem sticks, lotus root or rootlets, bamboo, bean sprouts, cabbage, and carrots are the most common ones. Because lotus is very tough and fiber-y, I parboil them for about 10 minutes before frying them.