The Official Unofficial Brak for President Campaign Headquarters

You saw the ads on Cartoon Network. Yes, our favorite bemasked, bean-eatin' buddy has set his sights on the Oval Office!

I know what you're thinking - "How can Brak LOSE?" But he does have some dangerous competition.  For example, some people may be swayed by I.M. Weasel's rich baritone or Bugs Bunny's high campaign budget. Which is why we have to help the cause of the real hero of the people and the patron saint of legume farmers everywhere.

To this end I have made a bunch of graphics available. If you like them and you want to support Brak's cause, then download one, or as many as you like, and put them on your site! I just ask that you link them back to this page ( so people can find out the latest news on his campaign. And if you put one of these graphics on your page and link it back here, I'll link to your page from the "Campaign Supporters" page! Can you beat that?

Latest News

New!This is a dark, dark day for Toondom.

Scooby-Doo was elected President, beating out such favorites as Bugs Bunny (who Animation World favored) and the Power Puff girls. And Brak (and Space Ghost, that tag-along candidate). However, to be fair, Brak did come in fifth out of 50. Considering that he made his platform out of beans and isn't even a naturalized Earth citizen, I'd say he has nothing to be ashamed of. I'd say that those hordes of zombies, ghosts, and dudes in rubber masks that Scooby persuaded to vote for him in exchange for bit parts in upcoming Scooby-Doo cartoons topped the scales in this election!

However, I am not giving hope and taking down this page. We still have another elecion in November. This race was just a warmup. Today Cartoon Network, tomorrow the free world!

Brak for President Commercial

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