Who IS that Masked Ghost?

Many of you have seen the new "Coming in August" teasers for "Space Ghost Coast to Coast" and have asked "Who is that masked man... and why is he wearing chaps?" Well, I dunno about the chaps, but I had my suspicions about the man in spandex. Here's a close look at the Space Cowboy:

Now, this just ain't Andy Merrill.  Who is it? Hint: isn't the voice just TOO close to Space Ghost's to be a coincidence? No, it's not "Gary" either! Yeesh!
So, the Ghost is now a gunslinger. What, those power bands aren't powerful enough any more, Tad or whatever your name is now? Or is there something more Freudian at work here?

I dearly hope not.

What, no more white booties? Those things made the outfit! They were a bold fashion statement! "I'm a man, and I LIKE wearing shoes as soft as ballet slippers! Do you have a PROBLEM with that, citizen?!"

Nice leather chaps, though. I want some.

Here's a pic from the second "teaser" promo. This time The Living Ghost spoke! Listen to him yourself!

Oh - he's not really fifteen feet tall. That's a miniature pony. Honest.

 Whoa, Kenneth!

Just to double check, I asked the Ghost Planeteers about it at a convention, and sure enough, that is George Lowe in white spandex. What they bribed him with to get him in that costume, I don't know. What the whole Tex-Mex cowboy thing has to do with Space Ghost, I REALLY don't know. I guess I'll have to wait for another convention to find out.

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