Brak Goes Down Under

BRAK: The other day, my dog was digging a hole in the back yard and I went out to help him because he looked like he was getting tired and so we dug this hole for about 3 straight days until we couldn't even see the sky 'cause the hole was so big but then finally we came out on completely the other side of Cartoon Planet and this guy comes up and says:

"Hey, whatta ya doin'? Ya just dug a big hole in my front yard" and I told him "Well, actually, this hole started in my back yard on the other side of the planet" and he says "Well I don't believe that for even a minute, ya danged silly witch doctor. But I'll tell you what...if you do have property on the far side of this here cavity, then you best skedaddle on back to it, 'cause I'm about to commence to re-filling this infernal depression with the soil from whence it came!"

So me and my dog hopped into the hole and climbed all the way to my back yard and went inside the house and that's about the last time I'll ever help my dog dig a hole, that's for sure.

The end.

Copyright (c) The Cartoon Network.  Used with permission.

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