Squeaky-Voiced Pods

by sbruce@pacbell.net

Pods burst. Dozens of miniature pods emerge, laughing with squeaky "chipmunk" voices.

One bunch of pods sits on the desk.

Another bunch of pods jump around on Zorak's keyboard, creating a terrible din. Zorak continues to sleep with his head on the keyboard.

In the control room, more pods climb on top of each other to reach the lever. The pods at the bottom stand on sleeping Moltar.

The monitor shows Space Ghost sleeping on the floor. The pods pull the lever and the image changes to the desk.

Desk Pods
Greetings Citizens! (More squeaky laughter.)

Lead Control Room Pod
We've done it! Now we can send our own TV show to the universe.

Lead Desk Pod
Hurry! We have to finish and get out of here.

Lead Control Room Pod
Relax. They'll be asleep for hours. (More squeaky laughter)

Roll end credits. Sound of laughing, squeaky-voiced pods and snoring behind the music.

Pod (voice-over at end of credits)
Hey, what happened to Steven Wright?

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