"The Space Ghost Ending"

by SPEEDYA5@aol.com

"The Space Ghost Ending"
Written by Lance Neptune

(the set is empty as Space Ghost invisos in)

SG: Greetings, citizens! I am Space Ghost! (uncontrollable giggling)

Zorak: (stares for a long second) Eh, dare I ask what is so funny?

SG: Of course you dare, my little green amigo!

Zorak: (stares for another long second) Well??

SG: It's just that. . . hee hee. . . I. . . hoo hoo hoo! (ahem!) Zorak, have you gone to eBay.com latley?

Zorak: I thought you didn't want me on your comp-

SG: And did you happen to search under the words of, "Space Ghost Ending?"

Zorak: I SAID, I thought you di-

SG: Aaaand do you happen to remember our last episode, conveniently entitled, "Snatch?"

Zorak: (heavy sigh)

SG: Well, there ya have it! (bursts out laughing) A-hahahahaha hoo hoo hoo hoo ahee hee hee hee hee hee heeeeeeee! Woo! (snorts)

Moltar: I don't get it.

Zorak: Eh, I'm not sure I want to.

SG: Don't you get it, fellas?! We have just played the biggest prank on Earth in the history. . . . . . . . . . . of Earth!

Zorak: Uh, I seem to remember our last episode. Um, didn't we get replicated. . .? Or something. . .?

SG: Yes! That was just acting, Zorak! We aren't REALLY dead!

Moltar: So, what's this about eBay?

SG: At the end of the episode, we had that nice little man from down the road inform the audience that the ending to that episode was to be auctioned off on eBay, and only one person would get it! Soooo, over 50 Earthlings were bidding like crazy just to get a stupid couple of papers! They all think that their lives would not be complete until they knew the ending to the episode! But the joke's on them, because we were just ACTING all along! NOW, do you see??

Zorak: . . . . . . . .Oooooh!! I get it now! (bursts out in evil laughter) Mwahahahahahahaha!!! What a buncha saps!

Moltar: Uh, I- I still don't get it!

SG: Aw, forget it, ya metal-skinned yokel.

(SG and Zorak laugh at Earth as Moltar sits in the Control Room, baffled)


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