:studo shown with a bright green Space Ghost,Zorak and Moltar:

Pod SG:We have finally taken over the studio!Today "Space Ghost Coast to Coast",tomarrow "Baywatch"!

Pod Zorak:Pod Moltar,Did you remember to lock the closet we put the real animated ailens?

Pod Moltar:I'll do it....In 5 minutes.

:real Space Ghost comes in:

SG:Take thi-:Zorak knocks him out,and blasts Pod SG and Pod Moltar:

Moltar-What about the fake you?

Zorak:I have plans for him.Put Space Jerk outside!

Next Friday Night:11:00 PM

:Space Ghost seen outside pounding on window,planet now clean,Zorak at desk:

Zorak:Welcome to "Zorak:Coast to Coast"!Meet my replacement.

:Pod Zorak seen at Prison Pod:

Zorak-Now he's a prison pod pod!:laughs evily:

Moltar:What if cloaky gets back in?

Zorak:He'll have a welcoming comitee!

:small part of Blob seenin front of Front door,Brak enters:

Brak:Hey Everybody I'm back!

Zorak:Get out.


:Cut to credits:

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