by aardvarkdbz@yahoo.com

some time in the afternoon, 4-ish

Waiting. ::horror movie music plays in the background and horrible nasty evil violence sounds are heard::

::waiting screen disappears and SG, Zorak, and Moltar are sitting in the comisary. SG is writing math on a sheet that says 1040, and Zorak and Moltar are sipping coffee in front of croissants::

SG: hm... carry the 1... add... hmm... okay, finally I'm done. Payin' the ol' taxes early this year.

Zorak: My croissant is cold. ::he snatches SG's and stands up:: I'm gonna go warm 'em. Moltar, would you like me to warm your croissant?

Moltar: No thank you, I like mine cold.

::Suddenly, a quick close up of their face is played over and over again to a horror movie bump in black and white. Fade out and in to Ghost Planet... er... interview area... SG lands in the chair and Z and M are already in their stations.::

SG: Moltar, who do we have on interview?

M: We have Brak on line 0...

Brak: Danger! Danger! Alert!

::Moltar transfers Brak to SG's monitor::

SG: Greetings, citizen. Whatcha got for us?

Brak: Hey Space Ghost! It's me Brak! Um.

SG: Hello, Brak. Are you a comedian?

Brak: Um... er... yes! Um no! Space Ghost you know who I am!

Zorak: Yes, "Brak", if that is your real name. Please tell us who you are.

Brak: I was sitting in my cell when a scary planty thingy sat next to me! It was really SCARY! Not like those things you see that are on windows and supposed to be scary for Halloween and cars and hats... it was SCARY. Then my window is covered in HONEY! It wasn't really honey though.

SG: Hmm... scary planty things... honey... ::flashback of pods, blob, and scary colonial man:: can't put it together.

::Suddenly, another Brak(Brak2) walks in the room.::

Brak2: Hey looky! It's me!

Brak: Hey buddy, what'm I doin' here?

SG: Now I remember! ::turns to Brak2:: Brak! Why didn't you kill Brak?

Brak2: Um... guess I forgot.

Moltar: You fool! I don't know why we ever grew you in the first place!

Brak: What? Huh?

Brak2: Now, Brak, it is time to meet your baker!

Brak: I'm not a pastry! Hey! You! Me! Ah, forget it.

Brak2: ::charges toward TV::

Brak: Stay away, evil planty thingy! You're not gettin' me! ::goes off-monitor and after a few minutes, comes into the room:: Haha! I've got you now!

Brak2: Hello.

Brak: Hello!

::Zorak is looking left and right wildly::

Moltar: I can't tell which is which! ::looks left and right::

Brak2: Don't fall for his tric... tris... trike... I'm the pod Brak!

Brak: No, I am!

Brak2: Am not, you fake!

Brak: HA! You just said I was the pod Brak because I was a fake!

Brak2: No I d- if y- ga- aw, shucks you got me.

Brak: HAHA! Now it is time for your do- Wait, I'm the real Brak!

Brak2: No, I am!

Brak: Me!

Zorak: Just shut up! I can't take it anymore! Just shut up!

SG: Aaaaa! It's driving me insane!

Zorak: ::starts playing abrasive noises on the prison pod::

SG: Stop that! ::blasts Zorak, and when the dust clears there are TWO Zoraks::

Zorak: I'm free! I'm free! Haha! ::the two stare at each other for a while:: Could you- GET OUT! ::shoves Pod Zorak out of pod:: I'm free, I'm free!

::Suddenly, all Braks and all Zoraks start talking at once.::

SG: I... can't take it anymore! Yaaaa! ::explodes and two SG's are left::

SG: I am free! I am Space Ghost!

Pod SG: Foiled again!

::two Moltars enter and they all start fighting each other in the interview room::

::SG blasts Pod SG and Pod Moltar. Zorak throws Pod Zorak out of the window::

Brak2: Haha! You can't tell us apart!

Brak: Shut up already!

Brak2: Ha hahahahaha!

Brak: I can't take it! ::shoves Brak2 out of the window::

SG: So, having foiled the horrendous replicating pods, our hero returns to his bed and everyones annoying, stupid, dumb idiot villians return to their prison rooms to sleep. Yes, you have to go back to prison.

::A downhearted Z and M walk across the room grumbling::

::close up on Brak's face. Brak has a voice-over::

Brak's voice: They'll never know... They'll never know it was the real Brak who was pushed out the window! They'll never know it was ME who is the replica- repiplooki- repiplipi- PLANTY THINGY!

::horror bump again and fade out::

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