by Kim McFarland

Sit back and drink in the zen of it all... or something...


Baloney sammitch
with mustard, cheese, and mayo.
I think I'm in love.

Space Ghost

White Spandex leaves not
much to imagination
but we wish it did.


Six foot six inches
of lean, green, hungry evil
trapped in a tin can.

Red, green, blue, yellow,
green, olive, and chartreuse too.
Make up your dang mind.


Gaze of cat or owl
Saberlike fangs long and sharp
Smelling of fluffies

Cooking with Brak is
not suicidal folly;
eating with him is.


Tiny little Raymond.
Mantis of the 'pocalypse.
Crunchy, munchy Ray.


Lokar, an insect
ineffably in touch with
his feminine side.

Black Widow

Black Widow has the
heart of an eighteen-year-old
twenty times over.

Doctor Nightmare

Dr. Nightmare-was
he separated at birth
from a dalek? Huh?

The Rappin' Space Goblin

Rappin' Space Goblin
educational buddy
texture coats the walls.

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