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We've all seen those cheesy "Netscape Now", "This Site Best Viewed with Internet Explorer", et cetera, buttons, right? Aren't they dumb and gimmicky? I made up some of my own just for the heck of it, mostly for other Space Ghost fans who like dumb, gimmicky buttons. ;) They may be freely used and distributed, but not altered (except for the blank button, which you can alter to your heart's content). If you use the Negapage or "Brak's Scrapbook" buttons, please link them as suggested in the descriptions. The others are not really intended to be link buttons, but just as little decorative thingies to clutter up pages.

If you decide to use one of these on your page, please let me know. I'd like to see if people actually pick these things up!

 Let's get the vanity buttons out of the way first. This button is to be used to link to my "Brak's Scrapbook" page (
 This button is to be used to link to my main page (
 A variation, for those who don't like acid yellow, to link to my main page (
 Space Ghost Now!
 Animated version of "Space Ghost Now" - the icon blinks. Wowie.
 Animated "Cartoon Planet Now" button.
 "Ghost Planet Now" button. *
 Brak NOW, buddy!
 Crunchy outside, chewy center!
 All Hail Vector Black, the reporter on Cartoon Network's official Space Ghost site.
 "I'm a cartoon fan, and I'm not afraid to say it!"
 This Site Best Viewed with Rose Colored Glasses.
 Netscape, MSIE, move over!
 Something many people seem to overlook...
 For those fans of tacky buttons.
 For those who want the world to know that they don't give a flip.
 And, finally, a blank button you can use to create your own buttons. Feel free to alter this one. Or, heck, use it as it is if you want a button that says nothing at all.

* Ghost Planet graphic stolen with permission from Mike Shawaluk. Thanks!
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