I Can't Believe We Got Steve Allen!

(Space Ghost, Zorak, Moltar)


Ghost: Oh my, I can't believe my ears,
I have waited for this moment for years.
How can this be?
Steve Allen's gonna talk to me!

Steve Allen!

Zorak: Steve Allen?
Yes, Zorak! Steve Allen!

Why he's the greatest talk show host
From Atlantic to Pacific coast
I really do not mean to boast
That we've got Steve Allen!

Moltar: Hey, I got Steve Allen!

I twisted arms, I threatened harm,
And galaxies I caused alarm,
Made many agents buy the farm
Just to get you Steve Allen!

Zorak: He's got you, SG, give him credit,
He doesn't just direct and edit,
Moltar needs to have some credi-i-i-i-i-it!
Ghost: Okay, Moltar, Zorak's right!
I do not want to start a fight.
But if you cross me I just might
Pull Steve Allen!
Zorak &  Moltar: Steve Allen?
Ghost: I can't believe we got Steve Allen!
All three: Steve Allen!

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