It's Time For The Finale

(Zorak, Space Ghost, Moltar, Lokar, Brak)


Zorak: Hey, everybody! It's time for the big finale!
Ghost: It's time for the finale,
Zorak: It's time to end the show,
Moltar: The fun we've had is over now,
Ghost: That's right, it's time to go!
Lokar: I didn't have any lines today.
Zorak: That made some people glad!
Brak: I'm really very sad!
Ghost: That's all the time we have today,
We finally get a chance
To see, while Moltar rolls the credits,
Andy Dick will dance!
Zorak: Goodbye!
Moltar: Goodbye goodbye goodbye!
Ghost: Goodbye goodbye goodbye goodbye goodbye!

Song © Cartoon Network. HTML document © Kim McFarland.
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