I Am But A Mantis

(Space Ghost, Zorak)


Zorak: Oh, I am but a mantis
So evil and so mean,
Forced into this position,
Is it because I'm green?
Ghost: Oh, I did not imprison you
For the color of your skin.
You see, Zorak, I'm colorblind,
What's outside doesn't count!
True evil's from within.
Zorak: Oh, I can see so clearly now!
You've taught me quite a lesson.
Oh, thank you, thank you, Space Ghost,
You truly are a blessin'.
Ghost: Aw, Zorak. That's sweet.
Moltar: Uh - I'm gonna vomit!
Zorak: Thank you! Thank you! Thanks so much!

Song © Cartoon Network. HTML document © Kim McFarland.
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