I Got A Lot of Snackin' To Do

(Zorak, Space Ghost, Moltar)


Zorak: There are heads just right for some snackin',
And I mean to snack on a few.
C'mon, Steve! It's time to get crackin'!
I got a lotta snackin' to do!
Ghost: Oh! There are villains just right for some whackin',
And I mean to whack me a few,
C'mon, Zorak, it's bound to happen,
I've got a lotta whackin' to do!
Moltar: There are fires just right for some settin',
And I aim to set a few fires.
When those fires get set they'll be burnin'-
Ghost: Shut up, Moltar!
Zorak: We hate you!
Ghost: You're dumb!

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