Come And Get It

(Space Ghost, Steve Allen, Zorak, Moltar)


Ghost: Then let the record so reflect
'Twas I that got there first.
Steve Allen: All right, then let the record so reflect.
Ghost: Even though I never get
The credit I deserve.
Steve Allen: You raise a very sore point.
Ghost: La da da da da da da
Zorak: You forgot the words, you jerk!
Steve Allen: How do you like that for a snappy comeback?
Ghost: Come and get it! Come and get it!
Moltar: You're really really really really gonna get it!
Ghost: You'll regret it when you get it,
Because it isn't something that you want!
Zorak: What are you talking about?
Ghost: Shut up, Zorak, I'm sick of your beak,
I'm gonna blast you into next week.

(Space Ghost zaps Zorak)

Zorak: (coughs) Oh, I get it now,
This pain is very dear to me,
You see, when I get blasted,
It makes your intentions clear to me... (coughs)

Song © Cartoon Network. HTML document © Kim McFarland.
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