Something that Rhymes With Bones


Ghost: Do-do-do-do, say, man, that's a peppy rhythm.
I've got the funk in my trousers for sure!
Dee-dee-dee-dee-dee-dee, Zee-dee-dee-dee-dee-dee-dee, Ba-do-do-do-ba-do-do-do. Ahem!

I like bananas because they have no bones. Yeah!
Macauley Culkin starred in "Home Alone".
If your dog has tartar, go get him some of those little doggie bones. Yeah!

If you got someting something something rhymes with bones, uh, yeah.
For eight bucks call a psychic friend on the telephone. Ha ha!
If you're going deaf the doctor makes you listen to tones. Boo-boo-boo-boo-beep!

My cousin Vinnie's got a trailer park in Rome, ooh yeah!
If you eat some uncooked pork you'll sit around and moan. Yeah!
Doobie-doobie-do, something that rhymes with bones. Yeah! Unh!

Song © Cartoon Network. HTML document © Kim McFarland.
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