"I'm a Sock that's Dirty"

(sung "Al Cappella")


Brak: Now, I'm gonna sing a song called "I'm a Sock that's Dirty". I'm gonna sing this song al cappella. That means without music. It's called "al cappella" 'cause once there was this guy, his name was Al Cappella, who used to sing all the time without music, and people would say "Hey, Al, how's-a come-a you don't sing with misuc-a?"
Brak: ALL RIGHT! A-one anna two anna-
Oh, I'm a sock that's dirty,
So I jump into the washing machine
And then into the dryer,
Where I tumble around.
And now I'm dry,
But all alone am I. Hey!
Where is my other sock?
Where is my other sock?
I don't want to be alone, ah-h-h-h-h-h.
Oh look! He's over there!
Once again we are a pair.
So it's into the sock drawer we go.
Where tomorrow we will meet your stinky feet!
Ba-dum-be-dum do do do! Hey!
Doesn't THAT knock your socks off.
Zorak: Get back in your drawer, sock boy.

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