It's Not Easy Being Evil


Zorak: Okay boys, gimme room.

Bobby's with his scout troop, Muffy's playing tennis,
No-one gets to play with Zorak - Zorak is a menace!
Susie's at the shopping mall hanging with her schoolies,
No-one gets to hang with Zorak, he's just too unruly!
It's not easy being evil, but evil's what I be, heh heh heh heh.

I'd like to be your buddy, be invited to your house,
But all your parents think I'm just a stinky little louse.

People think I'm the life of the party `cause I tell a joke or three, MWAAHAAHAAHAA!
It's not easy being evil, and evil's what I be, yeah.

Choke on it.

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