Well, I went out last night to get me a bite,
Was 'bout a quarter to two.
I met a li'l gal called Long Tall Sal
And we did the hoodleehoo! Hey!
Brak & Chorus: Hoodleehoo, hoodleehoo!
Chorus: What in the world is a hoodleehoo?
Brak: Set yourself down and we'll tell you
How to do the hoodleehoo!
Ghost: You pick your left foot up until you touch your nose,
Put your rear on y' ear and wiggle your toes.
Ghost & Brak: Hop all around like a kangaroo,
Ghost: You're almost ready to hoodleehooo.

Grab some pickles and a pound of cheese,
Get some burgers and may-o-neese.
Ghost & Brak: Eat 'em all up and don't forget to chew,
And now you're doing the hoodleehoo. Hey!
Brak & Chorus: Hoodleehoo, hoodleehoo!
Chorus: So that's how you do the hoodleehoo.
Braks 1&2: Ain't nothing like it, you know it's true
Doin' the the hoodleehoo!
Brak 1: That was wrong.
Brak 2: I know that note was wrong.
Brak 1: I'm tellin' ya, buddy-
Brak 2: Don't tell me I'm wrong!
Brak 1: Well, you listen to me when I'm talkin' to you!

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