I Love Almost Everybody


Ghost: I love you and I love me,
I love the fishes in the deep blue sea.
I love most anything as long as it's free,
I love almost everybody.
Brak: You know, love is a happy time all throughout the universe. It's when the male part of the species goes to the female part of the species and says, "Hey, you want to go on a date?" And then she would say "Why, yes, I'd like to go on a date" if you're lucky. And then you go to a restaurant, and she gets something called a salad, and then he gets a big piece of beef, that he eats. And that to me, ladies and gentlemen, is love. Kinda makes you cry, doesn't it?
Ghost: I love you and I love me,
I love to hear the robin go "tweedle-dee-dee". Isn't that nice?
If you love somebody better set them free,
Brak: Set them free.
Zorak: Set us free!
Ghost: Ah-ha-ha-ha, I don't think so.
I live almost ... everybody - oh.

Good night, everybody.

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