Brak Can't Stop Laughing


Brak: Heh heh heh, oh-ho boy! Oh man, I never laughed so hard, until I cried! And I laughed some more! And I laughed, a lot! Oh man, I'm laughin' so much! I can't stop laughin'!

All you ever do is bring me down, and I can't stop laughin',
Turn my happy smile into a frown,
You keep on tellin' me that you'll be - I'm slobberin' on myself -
Well, don't let the front door hit you on your stupid - ah ha ha ha! Oh, man! Oh, somebody, somebody call a doctor, my gut hurts, 'cause I'm laughing so much! And I don't know how to stop it! Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha! I guess I better take another drink of my pop. Yessirree, that's it, what'cha gotta know, ev'rybody.

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