Crazy Lovesick Fool


Brak: Say that I'm a silly so-and-so.
Zorak: So-and-so.
Brak: Tell me I'm not clever, cute, or cool.
Zorak: Cool.
Brak: Tromp on my big toe, darling, I still love you so,
I'm just a crazy lovesick fool.

I know that I embarrass you sometimes.

Zorak: All the time.
Brak: Like when I threw your Mom into the pool.
Zorak: Mom.
Brak: I yell a lot, and you can't understand a word I say,
But, hey, I'm just a crazy lovesick fool.

I remember the night we met,
It was in the laundromat.

Zorak: You came in to wash your feet.
She was eating a pile of meat.
Brak(s): And that, as they say, was that. Oh,

At the moment I am indisposed,

Zorak: Indisposed.
Brak(s): But when and if someday I get set free,
Zorak: Free? Take me!
Brak(s): We'll find a little cottage with a swingset and a slide,
And crazy lovesick fools we'll be!
And crazy lovesick fools we'll be.

Zorak: (sigh) Somebody ... PLEASE kill me.

Song © Cartoon Network. HTML document © Kim McFarland.
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