Everyone Needs Lovin'


:Zorak: Nobody likes me, it's really kind of sad.
Maybe 'cause I'm evil, why is that so bad?
We all need some lovin' every now and then,
So smack me one, big mama, will you be my bug friend?

There's no place where I can go
To tell my troubles to - woe,
This stinkin' prison pod is all I know!

So tell me that I'm smelly, tell me I'm a dope,
But say you'll be my sweetie, at least give me hope.
'Cause I could use a cuddle, and a smooch or three,
Everyone needs lovin' -

Brak & Ghost: Ohhhh-ohhhh-ohhhh,
Zorak: - even me.
Brak: (tearfully) That was so beautiful! That was so ... beautiful!

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