Moo Kaluka


Brak: You know, not many people know this, that my planet is Polynesian in nature. And so, here's a beautiful song in my native tongue
Mu kaluka hala wala
Mona hona lukalai
Wola hula lukaluki mani -- mula bu

Haw(a)lula ula bula
Molalula hukalai
Luka luka mula bula dula

O mula hula!
U bigali lap!
Ho likilani ho!

O miki dula!
O humali lak!
O liki lula o!


Thank you very much, ev'rybody, thank you!

These lyrics were transcribed by Roger M. Wilcox, who has a lot more patience than I do!  Thanks!
He has a few notes for the scholars in the audience:

  1. I used the standard Hawai'ian spelling throughout, for the sake of authenticity. In the Hawai'ian spelling system, the title would be spelled "Mu Kaluka".

  2. There really is a small Hawai'ian fish called "Humuhumunukunukuapua'a." Brak is obviously referring to this fish in the last line of the song. However, Brak pronounces it as "hoo-mah-hoo-mah-noo-kah-noo-kah" etc., and I felt honor-bound to transcribe the sounds of the syllables that Brak sang as opposed to inferring real Hawai'ian words and spelling *them* properly. (After all, Brak is really speaking in nonsense Hawai'ian-sounding syllables.)

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