Ordinary Guy


Ghost: Wake up in the morning and tinkle in the loo,
Take a hot shower, watch the news!
Then it's eggs over easy on the greasy side,
Oh yeah, I'm just an ordinary guy.

I'm an ordinary guy 'cept I can fly,
And sometimes I'm invisible.
All day long I'm just a-rightin' wrongs,
And making evil villains miser'ble.

Zorak: Oy, you can say that again!
Ghost: I love making evil villains miser'ble!
Zorak: Ehh, of all the cartoon shows in all the universe, I get stuck on this one!

Ghost: Workday's over and I got me a date with a big fat piece of pie!
I sit around thinking "What a good boy am I!"
But, hey, I'm just an ordinary guy. Just an average superhero kinda guy.
I'm just an extraordinary guy!
Oh, yeah!

Song © Cartoon Network. HTML document © Kim McFarland.
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