Fight The Power Bands


Brak: Hey, listen, Zorak, I'm gonna do a rap about you!
Zorak: Yah-ba-whee!
Brak: Ohhhh, who's that out there floatin' in space?
Ghost: Brr! Sic 'em!
Brak: It's my buddy Zorak, an evil disgrace.
Zorak: Word to your mother.
Brak: He's got a cavity in his face,
Ghost: Tell it, mac daddy!
Brak: He's in pain all over the place!

He is evil, I'll say it again,

Zorak: Gee, money is down.
Brak: He's my bestest buddy, my friend!
Flies through space with all his henchmen,
Ghost: They're just being funky.
Brak: Then he conquers planets and makes 'em end.
Ghost: Wicckety wicckety wicckety wicckety whack!
Zorak: I - am - ZORAK!
Ghost: All-righty.

Brak: He's the big bug that everybody knows,
Zorak: Word up!
Brak: Just look at the tantrums that he throws!
Ghost: I love you, Brak.
Brak: He's got a beak instead of a nose,
Zorak: Yeah. My leg is cramped.
Brak: When he lies, it grows and grows.
Zorak: That's Pinnocchio, you dork!
Brak: I'm not a dork, you jerkhead!
Zorak: Dork!
Brak: Jerkhead!
Zorak: Shut up and finish your rap!
Brak: Okay.

Zorak's mean, but you know what?

Zorak: Crybaby!
Brak: I bet Space Ghost could kick his butt!
Ghost: Ex-actly!
Brak: So be real good with all your might,
Ghost: You hear me, son?
Brak: 'Cause Santy Claus is comin' tonight!
Zorak: What does THAT have to do with anything?
Brak: I like Santy Claus!

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