Ramblin' and Wanderin'


Ghost: I'm ramblin', ramblin',
Ramblin' high and low.
I'm ramblin', ramble - ramble - ramblin',
Ramblin' everywhere I go.

I rambled down to visit with Mary Jane,
But she's up and moved away and changed her name!
So I go ramblin', I'm ramblin',
I'm just a ramblin' guy.

I'm wand'ring, yeah, wand'ring,
Wand'ring here and there.
And I'm wond'ring, yeah, boy, I'm wond'ring
If I packed me enough underwear.

I wandered down to visit with Agnes Rose,
She slams the door so hard on me it breaks my nose!
Yeah, I go wand'ring, my oh my,
I'm just a wand'ring guy, oh yeah,
Just a ramblin' wandering guy.

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