Brak's Hawaiian Vacation


Brak: Mele kalikimaka, ev'rybody!
My name is Brak, and in Hawaiian that means "Fish food".
Here's a song about my recent trip to Hawaii,
I hope ya LUV IT!

I stepped off the aeroplane, an' lady came and kissed my cheek.
She put flowers 'round my neck and said, "I'm Lalanee Flynn."
Then she took me to my limo, that's a great big Cadillac,
And she told me "Welcome to Hawaii", and then she danced!

Her grass skirt was swishin' 'round, I said "How d'you do that?"
She said "Stand and shake it all around", woo woo!
And so I did, but I didn't have a skirt,
I just had my pants so it didn't look as good.

Then I got back on the airplane, I was sad to leave Hawaii,
But I got some pictures and a tiki souvenir.

Song © Cartoon Network. HTML document © Kim McFarland.
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