Wake Up/Not the Wake Up Song!


Zorak: Space Ghost, I bumped into this Research guy in the hall this morning, 'n' guess what he told me?
Ghost: What?
Zorak: He told me that THEY think the show is getting too... predictable.
Ghost: Precictable? Whooaaaa, huaaablblblblaka hachachachacha! Now, was THAT predictable?
Zorak: I'm just telling you what THEY said!
Ghost: Well, what do they think they're gonna do? Change the show?!
Zorak: Mmm, no, but I think that's just what they want us to think!
Ghost: Hmmm. Maybe, on the other hand, that's just what they want us to think!
Zorak: I think that THEY think that WE think that that's just what they want us to think!
Ghost: Brak, whaddayou think?
Brak: I d-, I don't even have the slightest idea what you're talking about.
Ghost: Hmm. Zorak, which Research guy made this remark anyways?
Zorak: Willard.
Ghost: Willard? Whatta rat!
Zorak: Yeah! Some pal he turned out to be!
Ghost: I think I'll ring his doorbell and run! See how he likes that!
Zorak: Yeah! See how he likes THAT!
Ghost: Well, we're gonna throw Willard the Rat and his little cheese-eatin' research buddies a big fat curve ball on the outside corner. We're gonna do ... the Wake Up Song!
Zorak: No! Not the Wake Up Song!
Brak: Pleeeease! Not the Wake Up Song!
Ghost: Yes, the Wake Up Song! Fasten your garters, gals, here goes nothing!
(Curtains rise over Space Ghost, Zorak, and Brak, and lighting effects start)
All: Wake up, it's a new day, better make way for a smile.
Wake up, put the grey shades of the past into a pile!
Catch on to the new play, 'cause the day's only begun.
You've got to be ready for that one big drive,
Wake up, it's so great to be alive!

Stand up and be counted, there's no mountain you can't climb.
Stand high as the redwood, leave the deadwood all behind.
Don't wait for the next guy to take you along for a ride.
If you want a home run then you've got to go to bat,
No one's gonna swing for you, so give it your best whack!
Stand up and be counted now -

No, not tomorrow, don't be the one to procrastinate,
You've got dreams to follow, you've got a future that's looking great!
If you beat the sun rising, and don't stop 'til you're all done,
No stopping you, you're on your way, you're lucky this time!

Wake up to the sunshine, leave those cloudy days all behind.
Wake up to a new song, make the world dance to your time.
You're up on the scoreboard, now you'll make the final touchdown,
No-one's gonna stop you now, you're moving at lightspeed,
You've got the ball, you're in the clear, you're going to succeed!

Wake up, let's all stand up, come on, wake up, it's a brand new day!

Zorak: I love show business.

© Cartoon Network. Er, the skit is, anyway.
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