World Premiere Shorts

(The Council of Doom)


All: We're from outer space,
We're an evil disgrace!
Tansit: We spread germs and disease
All over the place!
All: But now we're here
And we're full of beer
Brak: Full of beer!
(Subtitle: "Hello my name is Brak")
Black Widow: Space Ghost is so pretty
I could hold him dear!
Brak: What the?!
Lokar: What, are you insane?
Black Widow: OK, OK. I hate him!
All: We hate 'em too
He's like a bad haiku
Brak: Haiku!
(Subtitle: "Hello my name is Brak")
Metallus: (metallic droning)
(Subtitle: "But he gave us all a pardon
So, what could we do?")
All: So we're nice again,
Yeah! We're all good sports
And we're here to judge the
World Premiere Shorts!

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