Brak's Sounds

Brak's Tidal WAV

Over the past few years I've been grabbing sound clips from "Space Ghost Coast to Coast" episodes. Lots and lots of them. And here they are!

The Brak Radio Interview

In 1997 Brak did a radio interview in Atlanta. Hear snippets from that fateful night here.

Making WAVs

During a radio talk show on 2/22/97 in Atlanta, Brak spoke to callers, and I was one of them. Brak greeted me with "All hail Kim."

During Dragon Con '98 I asked Space Ghost for a thought I could share with all of you. Listen to his response. I also got a comment from Zorak and Moltar. I have the feeling they're not too happy with the Scrapbook. ;)

At Dragon Con 99 I once again pestered some of the characters for their words of wisdom - in other words, I held my tape recorder out at 'em and wouldn't go away until they said something.

Sing Along With Me: I Love Ya Baby!

Here we have a MIDI, created by, of Brak's song "I Love Ya Baby". This is a karaoke version, including just the background music.

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