A Hymn to Al Toth

by Kim McFarland

(To the tune of "All Things Bright and Beautiful")

Heroes tall and spandex-clad,
Villains great and small,
Critters, robots, and spaceships,
Al Toth designed them all.

The poncy Locust potentate,
The Mantis cannibal.
He drew the dreaded Gargyloid,
The Centoid shrimp as well.

The pale and scrawny spider gal,
The fangéd pirate cats,
The nightmare pepper shaker,
Of course the sidekick brats.

He made the many Helmeteers,
No mouths to animate.
(One of the many shortcuts
That made H-B third rate.)

All of the Ghost Planet spawn
That fly or run or crawl
Detailed or quite crudely drawn,
Al Toth designed them all.

All critters referenced in this song, and all thingies shown in the background, are copyright © 1966 Hanna-Barbera. This song is copyright © Kim McFarland.

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