Come Look At My Etchings...

Here are some of the stories and graphics I've created.

Shadow Stepping, a little adventure with two ducklings.
Bridge, a short story in which Launchpad decides what he wants to do with his life.
Expanding Negaverse, in which Negaduck rises to power in the Negaverse.
Desperado, in which DW starts to get a life and LP learns what he wants to do with his own.
Canceled The characters learn an ugly fact of Disney Toon life.
Darkwing DuckTales When heroes and villains from St. Canard and Duckburg clash, the result isn't pretty.
Ducks, Lies, and Videotape The videocamera can't lie ... or can it?
Negaduck Unmasked - Not a sight for the faint of heart.
The Hellbound Heart A love story ... featuring Negaduck? Rated PG.
"The Hellbound Heart" poster - suitable for framing or wrapping fish.
Nega-Morgana - Negaduck never stood a chance against her
Inspirational Sketches for the story: numbers one, two, three, four, and five.
Bull Metal Jacket Featuring the return of Darkwing's original enemy.
A Switch In Crime DW battles the Fearsome Five - or Four - or Six...
The War In Drekmore In which The Bad Guys from various series fight it out for the presidency of the Disney Afternoon Villains' Union.
Mallard 1/2 When is a Drake not a drake? Inspired by Rumiko Takahashi's Ranma 1/2.
The Ladies of Mallard 1/2 - Morgana, Quiverwing and ... Darkwing?
Life, The Multiverse, and Everything Darkwing has both an Evil Twin and a Good Twin. Lucky him.
Time in a Battle Negaduck tries to reshape the present by altering the past.
Darkwing Duck: The Next Generation pits Quiverwing Quack and Posiduck II against Essobee, the son of Negaduck!
Essobee having a bad hair day.
Here a Slug, There a Slug Dr. Slug, Feathers Galore, murder, mayhem, and giant evil mutant cyborg zoooombie slugs! What more could you ask for?
Audubon Baywatch A story written with Rebecca Littlehales as a part of Rebecca's "Webfoot Chronicles" series.
Ahiru A story inspired by "Akira" What happens when Negaduck gets too much power? A bit more than anyone - including Negaduck himself - wanted.
The "Ahiru" Promo Poster - based on a well-known image from "Akira".
Blood is Thicker in Water A Vampire named Marius has a plan to change the world - but Darkwing, Quiverwing, and Morgana aren't convinced it's for the better.
Marius and Morgana - in a pose that hints at the inspiration for this story.
Blazing Satellites, introducing Ramjet McQuack in a tale that takes place in the 23rd century. So how is it that Negaduck and Morgana are still around?

Ramjet McQuack, the descendant of Launchpad.

Uh Oh, Dad's Ticked Off - Negaduck's son learns a lesson the hard way.

Hell-o! "Ahiru" isn't QUITE the end of Negaduck; in fact, it marks the beginning of a new career.

Portrait of Ramjet McQuack - A portrait of Ramjet McQuack.

Portrait of The Negademon - A portrait of The Negademon.

Situation Normal: All F.O.W.L.ed Up It is now one week after the episode "Darkly Dawns the Duck" took place. Big things are happening in St. Canard - from the point of view of certain characters, anyway...
Avian Nation The Brain-Sucking Alien Hats have returned, just when Quiverwing Quack is taking a hiatus from crimefighting for, shall we say, personal reasons.
Reflection Gosalyn's latest project is going to put a crimp in Quiverwing's crimefighting career.
The Hex Files A Mighty Ducks story in which the ducks contract various Juusenkyo ("Ranma 1/2") curses.
Sleepless and Spandex The Quiverwing Quack returns from hiatus to takes on a cat burglar who calls herself "Black Spandex".
Noelle An illustration from the last scene. Looks like Gosalyn's project (from "Avian Nation") was a success.
Pairaducks Lost Several characters go through Hell, quite literally. This story was inspired by Dante's "Inferno", and Niven's treatment of that story by the same name.
Portrait of Essobee Nobody's favorite young sorceror, Essobee McCawber.
Feathers in The Gears This story actually takes place within the time frame of the TV series, and stars Feather Locklear and Madam Anna Matronic, two characters who were in the show's premise but never made it onto the screen.
Dumbstruck Quiverwing has fought her share of dumb villains, but never has she come up against one who has stupidity as a mutant power! As if that wasn't bad enough, Black Spandex is back in town.
Family Portrait of Jen Xianpu, Terri, and Heather.
Fire and Ice After ten years in Shambhala, is Negaduck's son any closer to rehabilitation?
Pity the Child Even Essobee never expected to wreak this much havoc in everybody's lives.
Don't Call Me Susan! Who is this again?
Ya Got Me, Copper. Now what ya gonna do with me?

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