30 Seminars for Women

  1. The Auto Hood Release, What Is It And Why Is It There?

  2. Life Beyond Shoes

  3. Money, The Non-Renewable Resource

  4. How To Get 90 Minutes Out Of An Hour

  5. Faking Orgasm: The Moot Point

  6. Why Men Don't Like Any Of Your Friends

  7. How To Be A Victim Of Marketing

  8. How To Get Out Of Bed Without Waking Up Your Man

  9. The Yellow Stain, or Why You Should Leave The Lid Up

  10. Is There Really Enough Makeup In The World?

  11. How To Get The Most Out Of A Garbage Bag

  12. Sex - The Morning Sport

  13. Giving Men What They Really Want And Not Making Them Pay For It

  14. Cigar Smoke And It's Benefits

  15. How To Tell When A Man's Had An Orgasm And What To Do Next

  16. Clocks And Time: The Mysterious Connection

  17. Tupperware: Its Social And Environmental Drawbacks

  18. Where To Look When Your Auto Is In Reverse

  19. Learning When Not To Talk, And Then Not Talking

  20. How To Avoid Turning Into Your Mother

  21. Quality Time: When You And Your Husband Should Spend Time Apart

  22. Beyond The Front Page: Exploring The Daily Newspaper

  23. How To Accept Criticism, or When To Give Up On Cooking

  24. How Pornography Can Enhance Your Sex Life

  25. Telltales Sounds Associated With Auto Collisions

  26. Toilet Paper And The Loss Of The Rain Forests: The Vital Connection

  27. Women And Intestinal Gas: Yes, It Can Happen To You

  28. When Ignorance Can Be A Blessing: Household Finances And You

  29. How To Keep 'Em Guessing or 101 Ways To Fold A Towel

  30. Talking And Driving: There's Got To Be A Way

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