Thoughts and Anti-Thoughts

Rob told me about this one: I was at an IT fair in Germany last March with a female colleague, and she went out to buy some subway tokens. She told the guy in the booth "Ich mochte gerne sechs haben" (I'd like to have six please). Apparently her German pronunciation was a little off, cause the guy replied that he'd be off from work at 6 ....

Chris told me about working in Radio Shack: a customer who had purchased a computer from me about a month prior came into the store. While he was browsing around I mentioned to him that we had RAM on sale and he should consider upgrading his memory. He responded with "what could have the computer forgotten in 30 days?"
James said: Friend of mine was telling me about the editorial about Bill and Hillary he was reading to his daughter. His daughter asked, "Who is Hillary?" He replied that she was the First Lady. The daughter replied, "Oh. Does that make Monica the Second Lady?"
My wife and I were at a church wedding with our four year old son. The lady directly in front of us had a fox stole draped around her with the head hanging in the back. My son announced in his fog horn voice,"daddy, why is that lady wearing that dead dog around her neck?"
Finally, Cheryl had to tell me her slant on the Year 2000 problem:

Regarding the Year 2000 problem with many gravestones being pre-engraved, there is an elderly gentleman living in my hometown who is facing this problem. Several years ago when he realized that he would probably live long enough to see the year 2000, approached his family and said, "it looks like at 11:59pm on December 31, 1999, you are just going to have to take me out back and shoot me!"

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