Lexicon of Bawdamorese

(How to communicate with the natives of Baltimore)

Aig             the kind with a yoke 
Ambalants       takes you to the hawspil
Arnjuice        from the sunshine tree
Ann Runnel      Glen Burnie's county
Authoritis      arthritis
Arsh            People from Arlin 
Awl             goes into the crankcase 
Aspern          Take 2 and call me in the morning" 
Arn             What you do on an arnin board
Beeno           A famous railroad
Bleef           What you believe in
Bethlum         A steel mill
Bawler          what the plumber calls your furnace
Baffroom        see "rostrum"
Balamer         the home town
Blow            opposite of "above"
Birfday         blow out the candles on this day
Cammer          used for taking photographs
Cole Race Beef  a favorite sandwich
Corm Beef       another favorite sandwich
Calf Lick       Protestant,Jewish,and...
Croddy          Oriental art of self defense
Down A Point    where most of Dundalk works
Droodle         Park that houses the zoo
Draff           animal with the longest neck
Downey Ayshin   Where everyone goes in the summer
Druckstewer     drugstore
Dizzy Whirl     Florida tourist attraction
Dest            where you set at to pay bills
Duddney         doesn't he
Dundock         people who work down a point live here
Drooslem        The Holy Land
Elfint          animal with a trunk
Everythink      everything
Erf             the planet on which we live
Fard            area between eyes and hairline
Farn Gin        used for fighting fars
Farst Fars      Smokey the bear fights them
Flar            something growing in the garden
Ford            opposite of backwards
Fillum          what you put in a camera
Froddy          thank God it's Froddy
Gubmint         government
Gubner          governor
Granite         what you don't want to be taken for
Harble          horrible
Harrid          a downtown street
Hustler's       a department store
Har and Far     What the boss does
Hawspil         where you go when you're sick
Hex             another department store
Hoskull         where you went before cah-widge
Ignert          ignorant
Iggle           our nation symbol
Jeet            Did you eat?...usually answerd by "nojew?"
Klumya          Rouse's new city in Harrod Canny
Larnix          Larynx
Lobble          responsible for...as in "I hold you lobble"
Litlitlee       famous for Italian food
Lozenger        medication for ailing larnix
Merlin          The Free State
Morality        the race for Mayor
Macely          mostly
Meer            what you look at in the morning
Muriel          a large painting on a large wall
Norf Abnew      North Avenue
Napolis         State Capitol
Noosepaper      where you read the funnies
Oll(rhymes with "doll") what you walk down when you get married
Ollin           a piece of land surrounded by water
Oltno           I don't know
Paramour        what you neighbor uses at 8:00 a.m. Sunday morning
Payment         paved surface
Petition        a wall that divides a room
Plooshin        what's killing us
Pockeybook      pocketbook
Praps           perhaps
Phane           what you answer when it rings
Perfick         without any faults
Po-leese        a single police officer
Pleese          two or more po-leese
Quarr           sings in a church
Roont           ruined
Rostrum         where the ladies go after dinner
Sarn            siren
Semlem          neighborhood convience store
Shar            what you take before you go out
Starfame        a synthetic packing material
Smour?          what's the matter with you?
Sneet!          "That't neat!"
Slong           another way to say goodbye
Slop Machine    one-armed bandit
SoreHoe         drainage area under streets
Snoo Few?       What's new with you?
Turble          terrible
Tarred          sleepy
Torst           tourist
Tawlit          what you set on in the baffroom
Unnersteaned    understand
Vollince        what we see too much of in the movies
Varse           the doctor says "there's a lot of that going around"
Vyduck          as in Orleans Street Vyduck
Warshinn        our nations capitol
Wayment         wait a minute
Wald            the opposite of tame
Wrench          "rinse" as in "wrench your hands in the zinc"
Wooder          what you wrench your hands with
Xtry            extra
Yerp            Europe
Zollaphone      xylophone
Zinc            sink
Zarrite?        is that right?

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