A man went on vacation and arranged for his mother to stay at his house and take care of his cat and, just to be sure, he asked his next door neighbor if he would look in on them every day and make sure they were all right. "No problem," said the neighbor.

The man flew off to Mexico. After a couple of days he called the neighbor and asked how things were going. "Well," the neighbor said, "your cat died."

"Geez," the guy said. "You have to come right out and tell me like that? Couldn't you have a little more consideration? I'm on vacation. Couldn't you have broken it to me a little more gently. Like, first telling me that the cat was on the roof, then that the cat fell off the roof, then maybe the next day telling me you had taken the cat to the vet- like that, not BOOM all at once! By the way, how's my Mom doing?"

"Well," said the neighbor, "she's up on the roof..."

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