The Top 12 Signs China Has Stolen US Technology

It was recently revealed that China may have stolen US nuclear secrets back in the 1980s. The folks in Washington who tried to figure out who to blame for this mishap found this evidence:

  1. Mao pajama suits now much baggier and more ill-fitting.
  2. Think they came up with that "Tickle Me Mao" on their own?
  3. Kung fu movie dialog suddenly in synch with the images.
  4. Most popular fast food dish at McFong's: McBeef with Snow Peas and McWontons.
  5. "Secret" Kung Pao sauce bears striking resemblance to thousand island dressing.
  6. President Jiang Zemin seen wearing one of those baseball caps that holds two beer cans.
  7. Rice now flavored with "The Chairman's" secret blend of 11 herbs and spices.
  8. Traffic accidents increase dramatically with availability of new "bike phones."
  9. New missiles are now armed with clapper-activated Chia warheads.
  10. New "Jerry Springroll" TV show features embarrassingly ignorant peasants beating each other silly over infidelities.
  11. Meals are now eaten in half the time, thanks to the wondrous new invention, the "fork."
  12. Surprisingly sophisticated special effects in the new movie "Episode 1: Jackie Chan and the Phantom Menace."

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