Top Ten Ways to Tell the Difference
Between The Crow and a Mime

#10 If it's beating someone up, it's the Crow. If someone's beating it up, it's a mime.

#9 People want to give mimes the bird. The Crow already has one.

#8 Poke it in the eye with a stick. If it says "ouch," it's the Crow.

#7 Mimes are French, and the Crow never surrenders!

#6 To become a Crow, you must experience great pain and suffering. To watch a mime, you will experience great pain and suffering.

#5 No one thinks it's cool when a mime comes back from the dead.

#4 Mimes can't stand up to multiple gunshot wounds. (We tried.)

#3 Only some people can accept the Crow's need to kill his tormentors. Everyone understands the need to kill mimes.

#2 The Crow kills bad people. All a mime kills is a good day in New York City.

#1 If Brandon Lee had played a mime, he'd be alive today and it'd be his career that'd need the reviving.

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