New Emoticons

:) Happy person
:( Sad person
:-) Happy person with a nose
:-( Sad person with a nose
:---( Person sad because he or she has a large nose
:--% Person sad because he or she has a large crayfish for a nose
:-D Person laughing
:-D* Person laughing so hard he or she does not notice that a large spider is hanging from his or her lip
:-| Person unsure which long distance company to choose
8-0-(&) Person just realizing that he or she has a tapeworm
;-) Person winking
.-) Person who can still smile despite losing an eyeball
:0-WW Person vomiting a series of Slim Jims
:V:-| Person who cannot figure out why nobody wants to talk to him or her, little suspecting that there is an alligator on his or her head
~oE]:-| Fisherperson heading for market with a basket on his or her head containing a three legged octopus that is giving off smell rays
:-[-()f Person who is none too pleased to be giving birth to a squid
8@}~ Person, who has overindulged and is drooling, who needs to find the designated driver
8-* Embarrassed person
8-}E@==8 Wryly happy person, with short arms, a navel, two legs and shoes on
*:-) The asterisk looks a lot like a spiritual eye-star
@:) Man thinking no one notices that he is combing one strand of hair over a bald head
#:) Man thinking every one is fooled by his "natural" looking toupee
=8o Homer Simpson watching a scary movie
<:\ Bart Simpson after a hair cut
:)> Man with a goatee
=:> + (:)) Goat with a manatee

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