Borg on the Ghost Planet

by Kim McFarland

What would happen if the Ghost Planet were assimilated?

I am Space Ghost of the Borg! Prepare for a blast from my Assimilate Ray!

I am Zorak of the Borg! I will assimilate you with some fava beans and a fine Chianti! MWAAHAAHAAHAA!

I am Brak of the Borg! I just assimilated some beans! Whoo, BUDDY!

I am Black Widow of the Borg! O-o-o-o-o-oh, I'm going to assimilate YOU, honey!

I am Tansut of the Borg. How do I assimilate again?

I am Moltar of the Borg. Just pull the "Assimilate" lever. It's the one right in front of you. RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU!

Hello. I am Raymond of the Borg. I've already been assimilated.

I entitle myself Lokar of the Borg. I shall assimilate you, oh, I SHALL, lover!

I am Vector of the Borg. There are still three Spice Girls I haven't assimilated.

I am the Mail Room Dude of the Borg. You ain't gonna assimilate no mail without an I.D.

(cue needledrop generic rappy-type backgound music)

I'm the Rappin' Space Borg,
And I say it's great
To join the collective
And assimilate!

(The Rappin' Space Borg is immediately blown into atoms by a ray from Marrissa Picard's ship.)

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