What Happened Today in History?

732 The invention of water.
733 The discovery of water pollution.
1263 A Hawaiian man, Paiilowmonoii, was the first to discover that man does not survive a leap into an active volcano. The volcano was named in his honor, but no one could pronounce it.
1284 Baskin-Robins introduces 1 flavor.
1537 The pocket was invented by the people of a small fishing village, Popiel, in southern France. They were originally used to carry bait and came to be called the Popiel pocket fishermen.
1631 A 20,000 mile wide meteor smashed into the earth. Fortunately it occurred during the night when everyone was asleep so the damage went unnoticed.
1782 First U.S. Supreme Court decision, 8-1; Justices must wear clothes under their black robes. (Later repealed with the admission of women to the bench.)
1837 Polish jokes were invented, replacing previous line of Zulu jokes.
1853 The baseball was invented. The first game was not played until 1862 when the bat was invented.
1863 Peter Pan first visited Never Neverland with a fairy.
1873 The first documented sighting of an unidentified flying object was made in Russia by Pavlov Ufo. All later sightings are now named in his honor.
1928 Henny Youngman told his first joke at the Boston Comedy Club and Produce Market. He was shown no respect by 138 tomatoes.
1937 Sheepskin condoms were introduced. (The problem was getting the sheep to wear them.)
1948 Danny Quayle took his first spelling test. His failing grade was later pardoned by vice-principal Bush. Coincidentally, his science project was growing a potatoe plant.
1949 Artificial ice was created which spawned year-round hockey. This came one year after the invention of artificial water.
1963 Amtrak announced its maiden run from Chicago to Phoenix. "We're going to crash this one, just to get things off on the right track," stated President Loco Motive.
1966 Flipper, famed TV actor died when he, in a drunken rage, attacked the Chicken of the Sea tuna cannery. He and his show were canned.
1976 Rock legend Janice Joplin died, thus ending her lifelong ambition to become the first woman President.
1981 "Rocker" Prince, (a.k.a. some unpronounceable symbol) underwent a sex change operation. He is now neither.
1982 Keith Moon, drummer for the rock group Who died of a massive drug overdose. The resulting explosion also killed 86 fans.
1990 Cuban dictator, Castro died after choking on one of his cigars. (OK, he didn't die, but we can hope.)
1991 Daniel Peterson was born in Elk Ridge, OH. (He's not famous yet, but wait till he grows up.)
1992 Angela Lansbury, of Murder She Wrote fame, died at 67. She had not been informed because her ratings are so high. Her murder remains unsolved, but the sheriff is suspected.
1993 Rapper "Yo Bro" died during a concert. He choked on his tongue which had tied itself in a knot during one of his songs. He left a video will, but no one could translate it.
1994 Peter Pan claims Michael Jackson molested a fairy at Neverland.

1592 Zsa Zsa Gabor born on this date.
1681 Dick Clark born on this date.
387, 849, 1240, 1488, 1721, 1857, 1944 Shirley Maclaine born on these dates.

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