Quotes from Little Known Members
of The Borg Collective

I am Ryouga of Borg. Send that cowardly Ranma out here where I can assimilate him!

By the light of the Moon, Sailor Moon of Borg will assimilate you!!!

I'm Ataru Moroboshi of Borg. I'm gonna assimilate every babe on your planet, NEEEEYYYAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!

I am B-ko of Borg. I will assimilate you with my Akagiyama 5.

I am C-ko of Borg. You don't want to be assimilated? WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

I am Miyu of Borg. You shall be assimilated into the Dark from whence you came!

I'm Belldandy of Borg. Planet-san, Planet-san, let's assimilate you up, assimilate you all up....

I am Kodachi of Borg. I will assimilate you before the match!

I am Gosunkugi of Borg. I will assimilate you, you slime!

I am Kuno of Borg. How can I let you go? I must assimilate you both!

I am Nabiki of Borg. Perhaps I could be persuaded not to assimilate you...

I am Tofu of Borg. I will assim-uh-well, he-he-hello!

I am Akane of Borg. Why should I assimilate him?!?

I am Lum of Borg. Darling, come here...

I am Ran of Borg. Assimilation is the best revenge!

I am Cherry of Borg: It is fate.

Wicked Witch of the Borg: "I'll assimilate you and your little dog too!"

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