Mother Nature vs. Golf

Two lesbians are out golfing. They both hit the ball and one goes to the left, the other goes to the right.

The first woman finds her ball in a field of buttercups. She hits a beautiful shot and sends the ball sailing across the green. Unfortunately, she destroys the buttercups.

Suddenly a goddess appears and says, "I am Mother Nature, and I do not like the way you have treated my buttercups. As a consequence, each time you taste butter you will be sickened to the point of total nausea. You will never be able to eat butter again." The goddess then disappears as quickly as she appeared.

Shaken, the woman calls to her partner ,"Hey, did you find your ball?"

The second woman replies "Yes, it's over here in these pussy willows."

The first woman yells "DON'T HIT THE BALL!!! DON'T HIT THE BALL!!!!"

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