A Modest Chain Letter

Dear Friend,

I am sending you this message in the hope that it will help you improve your life. Please pay attention to it and it can bring you fabulous good fortune. Ignore it, and it could lead to disaster. *Who knows* what it could bring to you if you'll only take the time to read it and follow the instructions given. To prove my point, I will tell you what happened to some others who have received this letter.

A housewife in South Dakota followed the instructions in this letter and THE VERY NEXT DAY discovered a way to use 1/3 less Crisco in her chocolate chip cookies, saving her AT LEAST $.50 a month in grocery bills.

A boy in Mainframe ignored this letter and promptly had his EYE SLASHED OUT by a large demonic... thing.

A man in Alberta did as this letter told, and found a BRAND NEW pencil lying on the ground. I mean, it WASN'T EVEN SHARPENED. And it had a REALLY GOOD ERASER.

A guardian in Mainframe ignored this letter, and his car SUDDENLY STOPPED WORKING. (Spooky, huh?)

A certain milk-bottle-shaped penguin received this letter and BLINKED. Nothing really happened with him... he just STOOD THERE, really. But come on. He's a PENGUIN. Just because good luck didn't come to some stupid penguin doesn't mean it won't come to you.

And what do you have to do to tap into all of this marvelous good luck?

It's very simple. You don't have to send money. You don't have to forward this message to everyone in your address book. All you have to do is NOT flame me because by now you should have realized this is a completely fake chain letter.

*Who knows* how many people deleted it before they got far enough to catch on?

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