A Couple of Newspaper Reports

Some newspaper reports which supposedly really happened, honest.

In England two policemen at a radar trap had quite a surprise when their machine went off scale on recording an object approaching them at over 300 miles per hour. It turned out to be not a car, but an RAF Harrier jump jet on exercise. They wrote a letter of complaint to the air force about their damaged equipment. The reply pointed out how lucky they had been. The Harrier's radar system had identified their speed trap as enemy radar and had automatically triggered all the plane's weapon systems. Just think what would have happened had it been armed at the time.

The other report came from a Bulgarian newspaper. It concerned a woman who bought a new washing machine. When she plugged it in, it swore at her. She called her husband who thumped it, eliciting a further train of invective. This went on for several days. They called in a priest who tried to exorcise the machine. Then they called in a plumber. He took the back off the machine to discover a midget who had hidden in the machine in the hope of burgling the house but had been unable too get out.

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